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Karcher Cleanpark Acacia Ridge

In October 2019, history was created - with the first Kärcher Cleanpark in Australia opening its doors in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane. Built on over 1800 square metres of land next to a busy petrol station, the first Kärcher Cleanpark in Australia was now centre stage to over 45,000 passers-by every single day.

The concept of  Kärcher Cleanparks is a little different than most self-serve car wash's around the country. Much like other car wash locations around Australia, the Cleanpark offers both manual cleaning bay and automatic wash options, as well as vacuums. However, it differentiates itself in the detail.

The manual bays offer intensive insect pre wash, low & high pressure rinsing, can be used with cold or hot water and are equipped with the highest quality foam brushes & detergents.

The automatic CB3 car wash uses Rawa 2.0 wheel wash design, the newest innovation for wheel cleaning on the market that cleans our rims better than any other wheel cleaner on the market. It offers both touch & touchless cleaning for those who prefer the choice, with a CareTouch soft brush design which is suitable for even the most luxurious of cars.

Not to forget the interior, the Cleanpark then has six high performance vacuum bays & three premium fragance machines for mat and carpet cleaning.  

The level of detail and innovation in its cleaning machines shows the Cleanpark wasn't designed for just maintenance cleaning. It's a place that vehicle owners can go to for a  premium clean - with the equipment available to obtain results similar to if you paid a professional car wash cleaner to do the job.

Providing the ultimate clean is only half of it, because further to the Cleanpark concept, the Acacia Ridge Kärcher Cleanpark is set up to provide the most seamless experience for all types of customers.

Make a late decision to give the car a quick wash when driving past but don't have any cash or coins on you? Don't worry - all of our equipment is set up with eftpos options.
Are you a once or twice a week vehicle washer? Sign up for the Kärcher Cleanpark monthly membership with a set fee & wash your car unlimited times per month.
In a company with a fleet of vehicles that need maintaining? Join the "Wash Club" to arrange a flat-fee for weekly automatic washes for each and every one of your company vehicles.

See, while Kärcher oversaw the build and provides ongoing support, the Acacia Ridge Cleanpark is actually owned by a Brisbane local named Stuart who ran a Kärcher Center right across the road. So in addition to the Kärcher Cleanpark concept, Stu's philosophy is that there is no reason why something as simple as visiting a car wash can't be a memorable experience.

Craig (site manager) & his staff man the car wash by day and are already fan favourites within the local community. Their expert assistance when required ensures the customer experience is a seamless one - but it's their jovial attitude and warm greetings that really brings the Cleanpark to life. The guys turn the car wash from what is traditionally a lonely, daunting place to a state of the art location full of charm & personality.

Instead of it being just another business in the area trying to make a profit - the Cleanpark has become a destination where locals come to go to enjoy doing what is usually considered a chore. The high performance equipment gets people to come, but it's the personality & charisma the Cleanpark has established that makes them proud to show off that they were there. Locals often "check-in" to the Cleanpark on social media, invite their friends down to the venue or even bump into people they know within the community when stopping by. None of these things happen at a facility with no character.   

It's amazing to think it was only two years before it started operation that Stu agreed to partner with Kärcher to bring the first Kärcher Cleanpark in Australia to life. Stu watched from his dealership across the road as the empty land was transformed into the visually inviting facility it is today. Right from the outset Kärcher & Stu were on the same page that this shouldn't just be another car wash - it should be a destination of luxury & character; and through Kärcher's renowned quality & Stu's imagination, that is exactly what it has become.

Karcher Cleanpark's are now expanding with new Cleanparks opening in Mildura and Lake Macquarie and more coming!!!!

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